Here at EXEmplar Dogs we use kind, fair, effective, up to date training methods based on scientific principles and behavioural understanding. We also ensure that we keep ‘ourselves’ up to date through research and regular attendance at Continuing Professional Development Seminars, Webinars and Workshops.We offer specialist Puppy Foundation Training, Progression Training through our Foundation Plus! and Diploma Programmes and a range of other courses and workshops including Rally UK; Scent levels 1-5, Tricks and Others!


Kerry South INTO Dogs! ICAN

I am a Trainer Member of INTODogs (Association of Intuitive Training of Dogs and Owners) and ICAN (International Companion Animal Network). I trained with Karen Yeandle, a highly qualified and experienced Trainer, Behaviourist, Tutor and Published Author and also have studied Sarah Whitehead’s Think Dog Education courses. I keep myself updated in relation to learning theory, and science based training methods, through ongoing study and attendance at seminars, workshops and webinars, in order to offer my clients the most up to date, reward based training.