Held at Cockwood Parish Hall, EX6 8NU on a pre-registration basis


UK Rally

A wonderful new dog sport that encourages all dogs to take part – pure-breeds, mixed-breeds & dogs & handlers with disabilities. Each dog|& handler team work closely together, navigating a course of numbered signs indicating different exercises for the team to perform at a brisk continuous pace, such as ‘About U Turn’, ’Call Front, Forward Left’, ‘Serpentine (weave)’, Spiral, Recall via an off-set jump etc. Many rally exercises are useful controls in everyday life also!

Scent Levels 1-5

Level 1 trains handlers & dogs to carry out room searches using a scented item (similar to customs or police dog style searches). Level 2 an increase in difficulty and including raised and unstable, multiple and/or blind searches, level 3 vehicles, level 4 luggage and level 5 outdoors.

Worshops and Seminars

Do as I Do!

It has been said dogs don’t learn by copying or mimicking – they can!!

Trick & Treat

A masterclass using luring, shaping and modelling techniques to train our dogs a variety of mentally challenging and stimulating exercises. A fun stand-alone course plus a good starter before the Media Course.

Media Training

An advanced course teaching behaviours desirable for TV, Film, Theatre & Photographic work. Once completed you will be given the opportunity for a FREE introduction to a reputable Animal Agent (should you wish to do so) or just advance your training skills and have fun!

Workshops and Seminars

Plus Others!!


workshops and seminars
We hold ad hoc seminars with reputable guest speakers covering a range of dog related subjects including Nutrition, Immunisation, Neutering, Hypothyroidism in Dogs etc as well as practical, hands-on Canine First Aid Training Courses delivered by qualified Veterinary Teaching Staff.

Please go to our Contact page if you would like to enquire about any of the above.


Karen offers workshops and seminars for professionals including those who work directly in the field of training and behaviour as well as for those who work with dogs in other capacities such as re-homers and kennel staff for rescue organisations; dog walkers; pet sitters; groomers etc.

Subjects include:

Train the Trainer – training and motivation, increasing/enhancing your practical skills; applying practical skills, learning styles.

Behavioural Understanding – identifying body language including warning/threat signals and signs of sociability, stress in dogs and owners, effects of socialisation and habituation, how to record assessments etc., defensive handling.


And for the dog owning public who wish to increase their canine knowledge in order to keep themselves, their families, their communities and their DOGS safe and welcome in society:-

Dogs do what works! –  Teaching puppies and young dogs self-control and frustration tolerance. The difference between signalled/cued behaviours and dogs actually learning to control their own impulses.

Living with Your Dog – body language, signs of stress, warning signals and signs of sociability, addressing common behaviour problems.