Held at Cofton Parish Hall, Cockwood, EX6 8RA on a pre-registration basis


UK Rally

A wonderful new dog sport that encourages all dogs to take part – pure-breeds, mixed-breeds & dogs & handlers with disabilities. Each dog|& handler team work closely together, navigating a course of numbered signs indicating different exercises for the team to perform at a brisk continuous pace, such as ‘About U Turn’, ’Call Front, Forward Left’, ‘Serpentine (weave)’, Spiral, Recall via an off-set jump etc. Many rally exercises are useful controls in everyday life also!

Scent Levels 1-5

Level 1 trains handlers & dogs to carry out room searches using a scented item (similar to customs or police dog style searches). Level 2 an increase in difficulty and including raised and unstable, multiple and/or blind searches, level 3 vehicles, level 4 luggage and level 5 outdoors.

Worshops and Seminars

Trick & Treat

A masterclass using luring, shaping and modelling techniques to train our dogs a variety of mentally challenging and stimulating exercises. A fun stand-alone course plus a good starter before the Media Course.

Workshops and Seminars

Plus Others!!


We offer ad hoc workshops ourselves and bring in specialist guest speakers including Karen Yeandle, Dip CABT (COAPE), Dip Nut, APDT UK 830, ABTC, INTO Dogs!

Karen is a highly qualified and experienced Trainer. She is a Member of the APDT UK (830), is a registered Animal Training Instructor (ABTC) with the Animal Behaviour & Training Council; the Institute of Animal Care Education and the Association of INTO Dogs. She is a Tutor for Alpha Education (an OCN provider); has written the Advanced Award in Dog:Dog Aggression and is a published author, regularly contributing to the specialist press.

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